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Dear Fellow Members of the State List:

Greetings – I thought members of this list might be interested to know of this seminar to be held in two weeks’ time – on Monday.  I would encourage you to attend.

Ed Balleisen is a regulatory scholar as well as a business historian – and he taught at Wits for five years in the 1990s so has some familiarity with our context.


Jon Klaaren

From: David Francis
Sent: 20 February 2017 02:55 PM
To: Imraan Valodia
Cc: David Francis
Subject: SABIT Seminar: 13 March 2017

Dear members of the SABIT group,

Invitation to SABIT Seminar - interdisciplinary research on business fraud regulation: 13 March 2017

Please save the date for the next working session of our group with a visiting American scholar, Professor Ed Balleisen, on the topic of interdisciplinary research on business fraud regulation.

The session will start with a 10 to 15 minute introduction by Prof Valodia and Prof Padayachee on the status and current plans for SABIT, and then pass over to Duke University Professor Ed Balleisen for a 30 minute input based on (a) his recent book (see below), (b) his experience initiating, funding and leading several interdisciplinary research communities, and (c) he will address the issue of how to study business and corporate history.

Prof Balliesen currently serves as Duke’s Vice Provost for Interdisciplinary Studies, working with university-wide institutes and initiatives to foster collaborative, interdisciplinary research, teaching, and engagement. Prof Balliesen’s recent book is Fraud: An American History from Barnum to Madoff (Princeton University Press, 2017).  In his wide-ranging history, Balliesen emphasizes the enduring connections between capitalist innovation and business fraud, as well as the vexed efforts by private organizations and state agencies to curb the worst economic deceptions.  Placing recent fraud scandals in long-term context, he argues that a mixture of public education, sensible disclosure rules, and targeted enforcement campaigns can contain the problem of business fraud.  He is also the editor of an edited three-volume multidisciplinary research collection, Business Regulation, (Edward Elgar, 2015).


Date and time: Monday, 13 March 2017, 09:30-12:00
Location: Duncan Reekie Boardroom, CLM Building, West Campus, Wits University

We will have tea and coffee from 09:30 am and start the session at 10:00, ending promptly at 12:00.

Space is limited, so please RSVP to David Francis, at david.francis at wits.ac.za<mailto:david.francis at wits.ac.za> by Wednesday, 8th March 2017.

Kind regards
David on behalf of the SABIT team

David Francis
Office of the Dean: Commerce, Law and Management
University of the Witwatersrand
Cell: 084 433 6738

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